Organic Grocery Market

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Raw vegetables in wicker basket on wooden tableRockwall Now Has Its Own
Organic Grocery Market!

Everything in the Store Is Organic & Non-GMO

Visit us Monday-Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.
Closed Sunday.

Find us at 811 E. Yellowjacket Lane @ Hwy. 205 next to
Ridgepoint Athletic Club., just west of the Courthouse.

Help us by inviting family & friends
to visit the store or this website.


A Different Kind of StoreDirty Dairy Know the Source--400

  • Fresh organic fruits & vegetables
  • Premium, grass-fed beef from Texas ranchers
  • Delightful, raw nuts, seeds, & dried fruits
  • Wild-caught Alaskan salmon fit for Christmas dinner for a king
  • Cleanest, healthiest, grass-fed milk, cream, yogurt, and cheeses in the MetroplexPastured eggs and chicken, rated #1 by the Independent Cornucopia Institute
  • Bulk grains, including ancient wheat that many gluten-intolerant people can eat
  • Sausage from free-roaming local pigs supplemented with whey
    (oh, is it good!)Our milk and cheeses for website -- 400
  • Unrefined sugar (guess which organic cane sugar of all the available choices is not just stripped and colorized to look healthier? And did you know most sugar is GM?)
  • Best organic raw honey we have ever tasted anywhere, unavailable in any other store in the Metroplex – coming soon!
  • Raw cacao (this one beat four other top raw cacao brands hands-down in our taste tests and is hard to find locally. Fabulous for fudge, cookies, hot chocolate and everything!)
  • Coconut, chia, flax, and lots of other super foods
  • Exceptional olive oils that have won the highest awards in international competitions, fresh with the production date labeled, high in nutrient content — and affordable!
  • Premium raw cold-pressed and centrifuge extracted (quality varies widely, research carefully!)
  • Truly raw chocolate – precious, high in polyphenols, and hard to come by
  • The only peanuts and peanut butter you should put in your body, free of highly carcinogenic mold aflatoxin. Nationwide shortage, but we carry it!
  • Healthy snacks for lunch boxes
  • The only cereals and salad dressings (we scoured the country) free of heart-damaging industrial seed oils such as canola, sesame, corn, and sunflower.
  • Delicious organic popcorn, free of the dozens of chemical controls used on most popcorn, and also available hot-popped with coconut oil and Celtic sea salt in the store
  • Rich, raved about coffee (another crop highly sprayed and dangerous to drink if not organic), to grind in the store or at home, or hot brewed for the road
  • Eden Organic BPA-free canned beans (we still recommend you buy our bulk organic beans and soak them overnight for the best price and highest nutrient content), tomato sauce, apple & cherry sauces, pasta, fruit spreads, and more. Eden has been ranked the #1 food company in the world and helped to pioneer organic processes.
  • Silky body butter made from pure, unrefined, raw, organic shea butter, coconut oil, cacao butter, and almond oil, with no fillers or added water. So pure you can eat it!

Authorized dealer for Tyent Water Ionizers

Get Healthy is an authorized dealer for Tyent Water USA.

  • Water ionizers that will transform your health. (Did you know that there is more antioxidant power in a glass of ionized water than a glass of orange juice? Stop by the store for a free demo and to sample the water.
  • vmax_Pulser_-_vmaxfitness_com_Pulsar -- 400Whole Body Vibrating Platforms, used by pro sports teams, medical facilities, and spas nationwide to get a 90 minute workout in only 12 minutes,, without the usual stress on the body or health dangers involved in over-exercising. We invite you to come experience it for lymphatic drainage, bone density building, collagen production, metabolic acceleration, body sculpting, and the other widely researched health benefits. Excellent for people with mobility limitations.

Visit the store today to receive free, must-see information that will transform the way you eat.